"Everything I know,

I learned from dogs."

-Nora Roberts

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Did you know we offer maintenance plans?

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Expert Training And Consultation.

Bath Time!

Our full service bath includes bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and gland expression if necessary.

*Prices vary based on breed, coat type, coat condition. etc. Call or apply for more information.

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Full Service Grooms!

Our full service grooming offers a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expression, and a full haircut!

Don't want any length off?

No problem! We can trim just your pups face, feet, and potty area

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Puppy Packages!

  • Bath

  • Nail Trim

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Gland Expression

  • Face Trim

  • Feet Trim

  • Potty Trim

Puppies are super impressionable! It is important to set a solid foundation for their future spa days. We offer our puppy packages and special maintenance pricing to help your pup get off on the right paw.